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Best price guarantee
Best price guarantee
When booking by phone or online, discounts are applied
When booking by phone or online, discounts are applied
Free accommodation and meal for children up to 7 years old
Free accommodation and meal for children up to 7 years old
Guarded parking
Guarded parking
Priority early check-in, if applicable
Priority early check-in, if applicable

Hotel "Russ", Saint-Petersburg

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Rooms and Rates

Single Classic Room
starting with RUB 1,935Book
Double or Twin Classic Room
starting with RUB 2,700Book
Double or Twin Junior Suite
starting with RUB 3,465Book
 Family Room
starting with RUB 4,860Book
Executive Suite
starting with RUB 5,040Book
 Family Grand Suite
starting with RUB 6,930Book
Two Room Family Suite
starting with RUB 5,670Book
Two Room Art Suit
starting with RUB 5,040Book


There are two restaurants in the Hotel complex. The Sol (Salt) Restaurant on the ground floor welcomes our guests around the clock. The menu includes Russian and European cuisine, seasonal dishes, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. The restaurant offers professional service, pleasant music and sports event broadcast.

The Aist (Stork) Restaurant on the 5th floor offers:
Breakfast Buffet: 7:30 a.m. — 10 a.m.

Salads, fresh fruit, vegetables, cereals, casseroles, omelets, fresh pastries, tea, coffee, cold beverages, milk, muesli.

Business Lunch Buffet: is available for our guests from 12:00 till 16:00 during the weekdays and from 13:00 till 16:00 on the weekends.

We offer a wide selection of Russian and European dishes: fresh salads, soups, vegetables, main courses with a variety of side dishes, beverages and desserts.

Supper Buffets are available every day from 19:00 till 21:00.

We invite you to heartwarming delicious suppers. Our menu includes fresh vegetables, salads and dishes of Russian and European cuisine. For evening tea we kindly offer a wide selection of desserts from our brand “Moroshka” Confectionery, including dietary and gluten-free delicacies.

Diet food (vegetarian, diabetic, gluten-free and other dishes) is also available upon prior reservation.
Please call the restaurant at: (812) 600-05-70, +7 (921) 960-79-26

Reasons to choose our Hotel

We are located in the very heart of St. Petersburg!

In fact, we are a stone’s throw away from Nevsky Prospekt and the main tourist attractions:  Smolny Convent of the Resurrection, Tauride Garden and Palace, the Mikhailovsky Castle, the Summer Garden and others.

Perfect Price-Quality Ratio

You can be confident in getting the best quality service for your money. The Hotel also offers frequent discounts. Follow our news to be the first to learn about special offers.

Secure Parking

We provide a secure private parking lot to ensure the safety of your car! 

Business Events

Our Hotel is ideal for organizing both small workshops and large conferences. We offer 5 conference halls and a meeting room for any number of guests from 9 to 250. You can also welcome to organize receptions, banquets or business dinners. 

Free and Fast WI-FI

Free and fast WI-FI is available throughout the Hotel Russ.

Free Accommodation for Children

Accommodation and meals for children under 7 are free of charge in our Hotel! 


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